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Piktochart is the visual content maker for businesses looking to improve their internal and external communication. Easily create infographics, reports, presentations, and prints using one online platform.

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High-quality infographics

Whether you need to visualize a process, explain a topic, or tell a new hire what to expect on their first day, an infographic can do the job.

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Persuasive presentations

Need to pitch to an investor, client, or stakeholder? Easily create a professionally-looking pitch deck, sales deck, or a business presentation. Piktochart has you covered.

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Insightful reports

Keep your manager and everyone on your team on the same page. Piktochart helps you create reports that turn boring data into a clear story.

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Eye-catching posters

Whether you need to promote an event, or you just need to let your employees know what’s going on in the cafeteria, our posters can do the trick.

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Ease of use

Easy creation of visual content based on templates

Piktochart is so simple that you can immediately use it, without training. Start with a template designed by experts. Quickly get to a professionally-looking report, presentation, infographic, poster, or social media graphic.

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Customization to your brand in seconds

Drag your logo or a screenshot of your website to auto-magically extract your brand colors. Do you want to use your company’s fonts? No problem. Your custom color palette and uploaded fonts will always be accessible in the editor.

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Save time

Access to high-quality assets for free

The times of searching for the perfect image, illustration, or icon are over. With Piktochart’s free library of graphics, designs components, and templates, the visual inspiration you are looking for is there where you need it. Making your content beautiful has never been so easy.

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Data Visualization

Unlimited charts and maps to visualize your data

With Piktochart’s robust charts and maps you can quickly translate your data into a visual story that will grasp the attention of your audience. Link up an Excel or Google Sheets file to easily create graphs that automatically update when your data does. Add interactive maps to your presentation to highlight your main points.

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Team collaboration on projects

Some projects are more of a team effort. With Piktochart you can invite your friends or colleagues to a shared workspace where you can collaborate on visuals together. Share your visual work, your brand assets, and review your peers’ work on the fly. With Piktochart, everyone’s on the same page. Finally.

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You have an idea. We have a template to visualize it.

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