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  1. What is
    1. Why
    2. What’s an industry landscape?
    3. Which companies are part of's landscapes?
    4. Can I list my company on, and in a particular landscape?
  2. Who is the platform for?
    1. Learn about a new market or company in 5 minutes
    2. Stay on top of your industry
    3. Raise funds for your company
    4. Identify potential partners and prospects
  3. How do I use the platform?
    1. Track my industry
      1. The Daily Brief
      2. The Quarterly Intelligence Report
      3. The Monthly Brief
    2. Research my industry
      1. Select Your Market
      2. Select the data you are interested in
      3. Export the data to Excel (csv files)
    3. Get personalized insights
      1. Build your own private lists
      2. Build your own private reports
      3. Create customized lists of companies and topics
  4. Getting started

What is

Our vision is to provide industry research for free to entrepreneurs, technology developers and end users to foster the development of emerging markets. We believe that with better and easy to find information, industry participants will make better and faster decisions which will accelerate the pace of market innovation and accelerate the market altogether. You can access our content by signing up to our market acceleration platform or subscribe to our newsletters. We have 1.2 million subscribers to our content as of August 1, 2020 growing.

We also offer “business acceleration” to individual companies, large and small, that are active in those markets, helping them to identify their best market-fit strategy, and helping them with their marketing, thought leadership and lead generation. We can help the bigger but also the smaller companies. Each of them have their own customized pricing. Feel free to reach out!

We are a technology enabled business. We are leveraging AI and natural language processing to make the work of Industry Research Analysts an order of magnitude more efficient and enable them to track the thousands of combinations of use cases and verticals, which they were not able to do cost effectively. Our platform enables a new and radical way to think about corporate innovation and go to market strategy where risks are significantly decreased and outcome significantly increased.

We are at the beginning of our journey with plenty of product ideas that we will roll out to market at the right time. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas at


Through our end-to-end suite of strategy and marketing services, we will fast-track your business at every stage of your journey, resulting in critical gains in time-to-revenue and accelerated growth.

If you are looking to innovate and develop new products and services, we help you:

Map your product market benefits to key industry and use case trends;

Validate initial product-market fit through custom surveys with consumers and targeted enterprise end users from our subscriber base of over 1.2 million industry professionals;

Select the right micro markets for your technology based on market readiness and product-market fit;

Identify key technology and go-to-market partners through our platform from the companies we have identified as industry players in the micro-markets you are interested in.

Once your product is ready to launch, we will help you take control of your company and product narratives by:

Providing white papers and other forms of content that align with the markets your company is aiming for; Developing keyword and phrase heatmaps for the specific use cases and industries targeted; Sourcing new ways to position your content by identifying new industry keywords or phrases; and Benchmarking your content strategy against existing players and the keywords of relevant micro markets.

What’s an industry landscape?

An Industry landscape is an overview of a specific industry and all the important companies that are part of it, categorized by the sub-industries that they belong to. For example, this is the landscape for Edge Computing.

Landscapes often have multiple layers (8 in this case) depending on the complexity of the industry.

Which companies are part of’s landscape?

Companies are selected by our experts based on the criteria of size, funding, the maturity of the management team, and newsworthiness. selects 5 to 10 companies each week for our experts to review, which helps to shape the landscape.

Can I list my company on and a particular landscape?

You can always list your company on It is easy, simply submit your company listing by emailing

Who is the platform for?

The platform has been designed from the ground up for entrepreneurs, software developers, product managers and end users who are not able to have access to solid research. The platform is also used by a wide variety of other business professionals interested in rich market data, such as investors, recruiters, management consultants, and others.

Leveraging this platform, users can:

How can I use the platform?

Track My industry

Research your industry

Get personalized insights

  1. Build your own private list

    Creating a private list allows you to organize the companies and the topics that you want to track. To build a private list, go to the company page that you’d like to track, click on Add to my list → New List. You have now created your private list. You can repeat this step to populate your list with companies and topics. Once this is done, you will receive the news for these companies and topics through your Daily Brief or on your homepage. You can also access your own market summary page that will show you the data for your private list. To access it, click on the homepage icon, identify your list under “Sort By” and click on View list. Then click on More → Generate Summary page. Let the system load, refresh the page and click on view profile.

  2. Get your private reports

    Once you have created your private list, you will also receive our Monthly Brief and our Quarterly Intelligence Report that will be focused specifically on the companies you’ve selected and added to your list. As a reminder, the Monthly Brief is a 6-page summary of your market’s most important events (Emerging Trends and Conversations, News and Promising Companies, New Products, New Movers and Shakers, New Funding and Acquisitions and Public Market). The Quarterly Insight Report features strategic insights in your industry.

  3. Request a company

    If you can’t find a company or a topic in our database, we offer a solution for some of our plans. If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can request up to 50 companies or topics per year. If you are on the Insider plan, you can request up to 150 per year. This implies the creation of the company or topic page and surfacing of all the news and insights, just like any other company or topic on the platform.

Getting started

What types of information does provide?

We are a comprehensive platform designed to provide you with all the information you need to understand your market and make informed decisions. For each of our markets, you can find:

All this information is available at a landscape, market, and company level.

How can I find a landscape or a market list?

There are 3 ways:

  1. The search bar: type in any keyword.
  2. The Recommended markets on the right side of any company or market pages. Go to a company that is part of the industry you’re looking for and explore the recommended market profiles.
  3. In our directory: Click on Market Profiles.

Can I invite my friends to my lists and landscapes?

Yes, once you’ve created your list, click the invite button: right after list tracking and from the Home page (select list, click on view list).

How can I add my company to

First, search for the company you would like to add to the directory. If it doesn’t exist, simply register on and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Add New → Company
  2. Fill out all the fields and click the save button.
  3. We have a curation process during which our team will review your submission (approximately 48 hours).
  4. You can start adding Milestones, Links, People. Funding Events cannot be added as we control this information.

Please note that we have a very high standard of review for content submissions and the profiles being created on Therefore, if relevant information is not kept accurate and current within a 6 month period, we reserve the right to remove the profile. All information submitted goes through a 2-day curation process to safeguard accuracy and to determine positioning within the greater market landscape. During this 2 day period, you will see the information you have created when you are logged in by retrieving the page in your browser history section. This information is not available on the site for public use and you will not be able to search for it on the site until it has been approved.

If after the two day period, the information is not available on the site, it is usually because there was not enough information on the page or the content was too promotional and not strictly informational.

How do you guarantee quality and data integrity?

We’ve put in place two quality assurance policies: 1- We work with industry experts to design our landscapes and market lists. This way we make sure the right companies are positioned in the right markets. 2- All the information that is published on our website has been reviewed by our content team. This means that all the data you see is not the result of a web crawler or scraper, nor the submission of dilettante users who might have made mistakes.