About The Topio Networks Platform

Topio Networks is a disruptive new industry research platform, utilizing our unique Carolus AI technology. We provide market intelligence, research, news, education, consulting and events which place us at the epicenter of the industry.

We accelerate markets and businesses by providing detailed intelligence about use cases, verticals and industries. By leveraging our open platform, businesses can benefit from meaningful data insights, market feedback & surveys, intelligence about the effectiveness of the company thought leadership, and market access through events and targeted lead generation.

Accelerating Markets

Inspired by the principles of open source, we contribute our industry research directly to the community, free of charge, through our open access Market Intelligence Center. We believe that a well educated market will make better decisions, and that a rising tide will float all boats.

Our Market Intelligence Center provides information about how industries are adopting specific technologies and for which use cases. Our eponymous quarterly Landscapes bring shape, structure and sizing to the sector that are eagerly absorbed by the markets they describe.

Our communities of 1.2 million technology and business users engage with our open access Market Intelligence Center to take their own deep dive on each landscape’s companies, subsectors, deals, funding, leadership and more. In addition, we provide monthly updates, weekly webinars, and our focused newsletters on key technologies and market development trends reach 60-100k business and technology leaders every week.

Accelerating Businesses

Individual businesses also benefit greatly from our research, expertise and reach. We work with our customers on highly focused Carolus strategic consulting projects by helping executives speed their time-to-revenue by efficiently navigating the complexity of a three dimensional market of vertical by technology by use case. Additionally, we advise companies on laser targeted go-to-market solutions, matching their products to micro-market segments and providing contacts from prospective partners and customers for each selected market. We also provide thought leadership and custom content, and analyze your company’s marketing messaging effectiveness. We provide powerful market access through events and lead generation programs, connecting you with high value prospects.

What makes us different?

To help your business stay ahead of this complexity, Topio Networks has developed a unique taxonomy driven methodology called Carolus AI, enabling industry research analysts to track thousands of micro markets at any given time. Through this new radical approach, we deliver timely data insights and natural language analysis about the shape, structure, technology actors, and size of each micro-market.

To make this information easily digestible, we develop quarterly landscapes to focus the attention on particular points of view. Technology landscapes such as Edge Computing or Blockchain, review how a specific technology is being implemented and which use cases and industries are benefiting from it; Use case landscapes such as Connected Cars or Autonomous Vehicles identify which technologies are needed and which new products and services leverage these new use case implementations; Industry landscapes such as Fintech, review how technologies are impacting a specific industry and which use cases are benefiting from the adoption of the technology. Landscapes are hyperlinked with each other to make navigation easier. This way, a user can quickly navigate from a technology view to a use case or an industry view, identifying similar markets for a given technology or the roster of technologies used for a specific use case.

Why Topio Networks?

Through our end-to-end suite of strategy and marketing services, we will fast-track your business at every stage of your journey, resulting in critical gains in time-to-revenue and accelerated growth.

If you are looking to innovate and develop new products and services, we help you:

Once your product is ready to launch, we will help you take control of your company and product narratives by: