Topio Networks is an industry catalyst.

We accelerate the formation of markets and the development of companies by creating communities around emerging trends and developing the information and connections necessary for the community to effectively position themselves and benefit from these trends.

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Combining data, events and market voices, Topio Networks is an industry catalyst nurturing communities such as Edge Computing and Dapps with Edge Computing World or IOT, and mobility with Readwrite Labs. Overall, Topio Networks has a subscriber base of more than 1.2 million people.

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Topio Networks AI Platform tracks more than 40 thousand topics and companies across the economy of things. Information are aggregated around topologies/ontologies. Our topologies include detailed maps on

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Featured Event
Edge Computing World
October 12-13th 2020 • Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California
Edge Computing World is the leading event for next generation of internet & cloud technology, bringing together the diverse edge ecosystem with developers and edge end users. With a comprehensive program bringing together the leading minds in the space, an exhibition showcasing new technologies, and supported by the key bodies in the tech industry, Edge Computing World is an event not to be missed.
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